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In 2016, Home Chic Home and Garpozis Constructions, two of the biggest developing and construction companies of Cyprus merged with the aim to create an even more powerful and innovative company.

With over 25 years of experience in developing and 55 years in construction, Athanasiou and Garpozis was born.

The bar has been raised ever since and we, Athanasiou and Garpozis, have been designing and building better than ever.

Our human-centred approach ensures design that fascinates and our building methods a solid foundation that holds up to the highest standards. Additionally, we keep up with the times by incorporating social responsibility in all of our projects, ensuring they run with an energy efficiency rate of minimum class A or B.

So far, we have completed various successful projects, 5 of which had been awarded with the 1st place in the European Property Awards and we are planning on expanding our vision fostering an exciting future for the current generations and the ones that follow.

About Us

Since 2016
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